Huge InventSumLogTTS table

How to fix the performance issue due to the huge InventSumLogTTS table (5 million records)?
When you run Master Planning, the InventSumLogTTS table enables Master Scheduling to be updated based on the changes to transactions. After Master Scheduling runs, the records in the InventSumLogTTS table are deleted. This was reported to be a problem with AX 3.0 and AX 4.0. When Master planning license is present and configuration turned on, the master planning execution should clean this log periodically. But when this is seldom used, the cleanup will be less frequent contributing to the growth of the table.
If you are running master planning on a regular basis then this table will get cleaned up. See the Inventory white paper on PartnerSource for more information.
If you are licensed for Master Planning, but not using it then you should blank out the license key and remove it as marked in the configuration after you cleanup the data to prevent it from growing more.

To my understanding, let’s say we have 2 companies in the database, CO1 and CO2. Company CO1 uses Master planning but CO2 does not.

(1) Running Master scheduling in company CO1 will delete the temporary records in “InventSumLogTTS” – which is good.
(2) Since company CO2 does not use master planning, Master scheduling will never be ran on company CO2.

The InventSumLogTTS will never get purged if you don’t use Master planning (CO2) and yet, the configuration is turned on for this functionality because it is needed in company CO1.

On the company (CO2 in our example) that does not use Master planning/scheduling, you can run a “dummy” Master Planning run with all Time Fences set to "zero", and that will then do the InventSumLogTTS Cleanup.
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